If money is no object, Patek Philippe is the luxury brand that is above and beyond any other manufacturer of fine time pieces. These are no ordinary watches. You wont find them alongside fashion brands like Hugo Boss of Diesel watches, nor mid range pieces like Omega or Rolex. Patek Philippe wrist watches can run from five digits up to a million dollars.

The Nautilus 40mm Rose Gold Men’s Watch by this ultra-luxury powerhouse is one of the best Rose Gold (also called Pink Gold) pieces you will find on the other side of luxury.


While advertised as a 40mm, this beautiful ultra-luxury Nautilus is actually 40.5mm in diameter from the 10 to 4 o’clock positions, and features the best Automatic movement money can buy. The 18k Rose Gold of the case and bezel allow the squat, rounded-out square dial shine with a high-end gleam.

The dial is Black Gradient in colour and complements the 18k Rose Gold case with perfection. The hour markers and hands match the gold design for a complete look of the Nautilus Series straight from Geneva.

Power Source

The power source is an Automatic movement of the finest quality in the world. With the best and most accurate precision, this movement is guaranteed to last for decades. The movement contains 35 jewels, 28,800 vph, Gyromax balance-wheel, 327 parts (Patek Philippe Calibre CH 28-520 C).

The Good

This Patek Philippe model follows their tradition of excellence. The Automatic movement keeps perfect time, as is expected of a time piece of this calibre and price. The design is very bold—if you are a man who prefers gold over stainless steel, and a bezel to become the envy of onlookers, the Nautilus is the perfect model for you. The 41mm case looks grand and bold on the wrist of the wearer.

The bezel is also made of 18k Rose Gold to match the case, bracelet, and aspects of the dial face, but it offers a brushed look to separate each

The Bad

There are no poor aspects to this watch’s design or functionality. Some individuals may find the total 18k Rose Gold construction to be a bit too much for them. It is important to make sure that this tone is complementary to your individual style before buying.


The sheer amount of 18k Rose Gold used in this model is extraordinary. Not only is the band, case, and bezel made of this fine gold, but the hour markers and the dial hands are trimmed in it as well. The brushed 18k Gold Rose bezel offers some texture to the shining gold of the rest of the watch’s design.

The main dial and the sub dial at 6 o’clock combine to create a simple and elegant design that is nearly overwhelming. On your wrist, this time piece cannot be ignored due to the glamorous 18k gold solid construction.


The functionality of the Nautilus is excellent. The Automatic movement is extraordinarily accurate and with a power reserve between 45 and 55 hours, you have some leeway between wearing this watch.

Time keeping has never been more accurate in this 35 jewelled movement with a main dial, sub dial at 6 o’clock, and a date window at 3 o’clock. Since this time piece is simple, the only maintenance the wearer needs to complete is self-winding.


The current price for the Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold Men’s Watch is $91,300 on Amazon.com. However, you can receive a much better deal on other retailing websites.

Overall Impression

My overall impression of the Nautilus by Patek Philippe is that for those with acquired tastes, this glamorous 18k Rose Gold time piece is the perfect addition to a sophisticated man’s wrist. Perfect for impressing during black tie events and other occasions for dress wear, this unique Patek Philippe is packed with gold and is impossible to ignore.