Whether you’re a thrill-seeking snowboarder, or a fun-loving apres-ski fan, a winter sports jacket is an essential part of your look. Winter sports can be anything from professional skiing to skating and boating, and though they may vary in terms of tempo, they all require a level of protection from your clothing choices – particular your outwear jacket.

Types of winter sports jacket…

There are different types of winter sports jacket suited to different activities and different personal needs. For example, a skier or snowboarder will need a high-performance hard shell jacket to give the maximum protection from any snow impact and to keep the wearer warm throughout long days at ski. Whereas an ice-skater might opt for a lighter down jacket to give comfort, warmth and total freedom of movement without being weighed down at all. If you’re not sure of the right  type of winter sports jacket for you, consider your main options…

Down & Insulated Jackets

If a sports jacket is described as a down jacket, this means it uses duck of goose feather to pad out the inner compartments. Creating pockets of air and retaining warmth, a ladies down jacket is a very popular choice, thanks to its ability to fight off the cold whilst remaining soft and light.

Much like down jackets, synthetic insulation jackets use inner padding and materials to create a warming garment. This inner padding could be made up of a number of elements, but is ultimately designed to keep the wearer warm in the simplest way – by creating a chunky layer that is able to retain heat in cold conditions.

Hardshell & Softshell Jackets

Hard shell jackets are the toughest out of the bunch. They are designed to be the outermost layer of clothing and so are often composed with waterproofing, breathability and warmth in mind. Hardshell jackets often have additional features such as waist cincher and snow skirts making them the perfect choice for those all-action winter sports. They provide the wearer with a protective layer that can be trusted to face all the challenges of extreme winter sports.

In comparison, softshell jackets are by no means a weaker choice.They simply allow for a little more freedom of movement as they are more lightweight than a hardshell option. Womens softshell sports jacket still focus on waterproofing, breathability and comfort, keeping the wearer protected as they enjoy their winter sports and free to focus on doing their best.

Which is the right winter sports jacket style for you?

The best winter sports jacket for you will depend largely on your choice of sport. Whether you are likely to come into contact with lots of snow and ice, as well as how light and flexible you need your torso to be. Whichever style you choose, you’ll find plenty of designs to suit your personal look, from bright and bold patterned winter jackets to classically chic options that will see you through season after season.

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