Nowadays, having a hair extension is becoming a trend worldwide because of their obvious benefits and women from various races with different beauty standards are going crazy about their hair appearance and find themselves searching for a fast solution on how to have a long beautiful hair without having to wait anymore. Based on statistics, Aussie women are now more open to getting human hair extensions than before, the demand doubled, and the salons that offer human hair extension in the country is growing exponentially. There’s an endless choice of hair extension suppliers available online with different products, from clip-in, tape in or weft hair extensions, it can be customized through your preference.  The demand for human hair extension is immense, and hair salons see this as a better opportunity in growing their business. We gathered some essential things on what salon experts have to say in choosing the best human hair extensions in the market. If you are looking for the best wholesale hair extensions Australia, here are some things you have to check.

Quality check and Hair Testing

If you are starting your salon or planning to go with the human hair extension business, a reliable supplier can make or break your business. Hair testing is significant especially if you plan to purchase your supplies online or from a company overseas who lacks detailed information for their product, such as where the hair comes from, it’s lifespan and the aftercare instructions for the hair.

What is hair testing?

What does it mean when we said hair testing? No, it’s not what you think, we are not talking about chemical reactions here. The whole idea of “ testing” the human hair extension is to make sure that they will last on the recommended lifespan given by the wholesaler, we are testing the product to ensure it delivers the promise provided by your supplier. If they said it would last for 3-4 months then it should meet the buyer’s expectation, which goes the same if they described the product as a virgin Remy hair, then you should be able to prove that the hair is untouched and of high-quality.

Thus, hair testing can save you much money and can shield you from any possible customer complaints due to misinformation. Instead of being drawn by “flash sales” and “low price for bulk order promos”. Start by getting a bundle first and see if the product can live both yours and your customer’s expectations.

Wholesale hair extensions supplier credibility

Getting to know your potential supplier is critical, it’s like entering a relationship; you have to know the positive and negative side of your potential partner. The best way to do this is by reading reviews and customer ratings is a vital piece of online purchasing to know, like how many buyers can attest to the quality and the claims of the product. Learning more about customer reviews will give you an idea of the human hair extension quality and durability. The customer review section will provide you with a glimpse of what’s the crowd favorite and what are the things they are looking for the product they are about to purchase. Eyeing competitors will give you a better idea of what are the things that you can offer that they are missing and also how to avoid getting negative feedback from customers.

Wholesale hair extensions Australia is everywhere, and if you are also planning to buy online, you might need to take a look at the store’s refund policy; this is one of the primary concern of an online shopper. In case the product you got isn’t anywhere near the product the company is advertising, you can have a stress-free refund transaction from the supplier.  Make sure to check on the refund policy before clicking on the order button, having a refund policy increases a stores trust score and credibility.

Supply availability and stability

Go for suppliers with experience and those who have been in business a long time. Stability is very significant, especially if you are planning to have a long-term contract with the supplier. It’s also important to find a wholesaler who has a wide range of different variety of products to offer. Like for hair extensions, it’s convenient if you can get a seller that caters everything you need, from hair color availability, hair extension length to the product origin. Product availability is essential not only for your suppliers but also in considering your supplier. For the hair extension business, they should be able to supply high quality tape in hair extensions, durable and well-made clip in extensions, hair wefts and also the aftercare products for their human hair extensions. Missylox, a trusted human hair extension supplier in Australia offers a wide variety of products, and you can count on availability.  They offer Missy Lox tape in 16″ hair extension, Missy Lox tape in 18″ hair extension, Missy Lox tape in 20″ hair extension, Missy Lox tape in 22 hair extension, and Missy Lox tape in 26″ hair extension in 25 different shades with a 100% high-quality Remy human hair.


When going with a new supplier for your hair extension business or salon, it’s crucial to know how to test hair extensions so you can get the most accurate results, as lack of education and information can lead to ineffective testing and bad results which is unhelpful to you and deadly to your business. Remember to Exercise due diligence in finding the right hair extension supplier, do not forget to check the wholesaler’s history, make sure they can deliver what they offer by giving high-quality products.  It is worth it to find out what the successful businesses in the industry have done in finding their best human hair extension supplier.