If you are looking to market and promote your hair and beauty salon on social media and you are not getting the right result that you want, then you need to keep on reading. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest is a great way to attract and engage with both your current clients and potential customers, spread awareness about your business and create a following among potential target market by promoting what makes your salon, as well as, your hair and beauty stylists unique.

With the increased use of social media sites in almost all industries, it is important that businesses know the ins and outs of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. How customers enjoy they benefit from your company. We put up a list on how to transform your beauty salon into a more social media friendly business.

Create content that will intrigue your possible customers

Social media contents should attract customers to crave more communication and interaction. The material that you post needs to be exciting and engaging with people who are going to read your post. It should also provide a new source of information for people who want to avail your services. You need to post information, facts, and photos that your target market would find interesting and in line with your business image.

For example, if your beauty salon has a modern, young and fun vibe, your contents should match the tone. On the other hand, if you want your business to have an old, vintage theme, you need to post contents with vintage and rustic vibe. Post pictures that your target market will react and respond to positively.

Caption, photos, and tweets should match the theme of your salon and your brand, and make sure that it is in line with your intended target age group. Before you post something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, make sure that it is something you feel your future clients would want to read or talk about or be interested in.

Beauty salons should post quality contents like beauty and hair tips, the latest guides or engage quality contents related to your salon that is available in easy to read, short format. A good example would be a before-and-after photo of satisfied customers with a simple caption or short beauty tips. These types of quality content are appealing and interactive in your target market.

Use your Facebook account as a communication tool

Facebook can provide a perfect way to share your business’ services, post unique photos or create contents and giveaways to promote your brand loyalty and spread awareness of your beauty salon. In today’s digital age where Facebook is at the forefront of digital marketing, it is rare to find a customer who doesn’t have a social media account.

That’s why it is important to take advantage of this medium and communicate to your prospected clients properly. Here are some of the Facebook marketing tips you need to have a successful campaign for your beauty salon:

Write relevant and quality contents that engage customers – Create posts that consumers want to respond to as well as enjoy posting their opinions on. The best example of this would be to do a survey like: “What’s the best summer look, Look A or Look B.” This type of conversation is essential to get the attention and to keep your salon-goers interested.

Post pictures – tons of them. – One of the best ways to market your business using Facebook is posting a lot of pictures. The best way is to post a before-and-after photos of your satisfied customers. Whether it is a summer or winter look, a wedding hairstyle, or a birthday party look, pictures can provide an outlet to show your beauty salon’s works and what you are capable of doing. As you can see, the photos are more engaging compared to text-only contents, that’s the reason why you need to make sure to take advantage of this feature.

Treat your business’ Facebook page as a mini website – When prospected clients arrive at your business’ Facebook page, they should be able to find all the necessary information that they are looking for. You need to use different Facebook tabs to show your beauty salon’s services, reviews, locations, and photos.

Engage to your prospected clients through Facebook giveaways and contests – Let’s admit it, people like free stuff. Whether it is a $2 gift card or a $100 Mother’s Day beauty package, customers love the idea of receiving a promo while using Facebook. There’s a big chance that customers will post, comment, or share the contest or giveaway on their own Facebook page, creating more awareness and spreading the word for your business.

Providing exclusive deals or discounts for your loyal Facebook followers – When liking a business page on Facebook, clients or customers want to feel as if they are someone special, and getting something special in return. You need to attract them to like your business’ Facebook page by offering something enticing like discounts and promos if they visit your salon or sharing your posts on Facebook.

On top of that, you can give discounts to your Facebook followers that are redeemable by sharing or mentioning your Facebook advertisement. By knowing that these promos and discounts are only for your business’ Facebook followers. Customers will follow your page more closely, and there’s a big chance that they will tell their friends about your promos, widening your reach exponentially.

Target your advertisements – You need to use Facebook Ads to their full potential through calculated targeting. You want to target potential customers that are within your area or close to your salon that follows your Facebook page. To know more about Facebook marketing, click here.


These tips will allow your business to gain new customers as well as retain those previous clients through brand loyalty. You also need to create a digital relationship within your Facebook page’s followers to gain their trust, and it will be easier for you to promote your business. Using Facebook to market your hair and beauty salon is very easy, all you need to do is to understand how Facebook is working and how the trend is helping your business and the industry in general.