Who doesn’t like watches; especially when there is a wide range of varieties available to match each occasion? From analog to mechanical watch and from smart to luxury watches, the watch world is full of options. Now that we have mentioned smart watches, do you know how smart these watches can get? Well, smart watches not only have a fancy and colorful display, but their functions are pretty mind-blowing too. They not just notify you about the incoming calls and messages, but now that the world is becoming advanced each day, keeping up with the advanced technology, the smart watches are becoming even more intelligent. You can wear a smart watch to match with your fashionable attire, or you can wear it to keep a track on your fitness routine. So the smart watches come in a full package of satisfying ones desire. Let’s take a look at the best smart watches which have made it to the top list in 2018.


It is one of the most advanced smart watches available in the market as of now. It is compatible with IOS and has a 1.53” OLED display. Its battery lasts for 18hours, and its storage is 8GB / 16GB (Non-LTE and LTE respectively). It is water resistant and comes with a feature of Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope and also it has got a Built-in GPS and GLONASS. Although it is a bit expensive, it is the best for all iPhone users.


It is the best smart watch for the Android users, and it runs on any android phone regardless of whether it’s made by Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, or any other brand. What makes it unique than the other smart watches is, its looks. Its 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display gives it a glimpse of an actual watch. Its battery game is strong, as it lasts for at least three days. It is water as well as dust resistant (not suitable for swimming and diving) which make it best for tracking activities.


It is the newly released version which is most suitable for people who are rather sporty. It has got the best design as it is finely crafted with stainless steel and genuine leather. It comes with a display of 1.56” LCD with gorilla glass which makes it scratch resistant. It is compatible with Android phones which are 4.3 or higher. The Moto body tracks steps, distance and calories burned along with the heart rate. And its dual microphone is perfect to get the information you need without taking out your smart phones.


It is best for the people who want their watch to be classy as well as good looking with solid specs. It is available in various colors like black, titanium grey, and concrete grey, and it’s one of the best-looking Wear OS devices available. It works with both, IOS and Android devices although its functions are limited to IOS. One can also do 4G voices calling by inserting the 4G sim card. It also monitors 24-hour heart rate as well it gives heart rate warning during exercises. But out of all the features, the best one is you can turn off your OS and have a generic watch face on for up 25 days which is a lifesaver when you’re traveling, and you’ve forgotten your charger.


It is the best hybrid watch with its classic Fossil touch. Although it does not have the touch-screen feature still it counts the number of steps, it measures the distance traveled, and as well it estimates calorie burn for the day. It also comes with a feature of vibration, and it vibrates when a notification comes through on your phone when you reach your daily step goal, and also it tracks your sleep quality, assuming you wear it in bed. It comes in 8 different versions giving one a considerable choice. The highlighted feature about the watch is that one can press a button to see their estimated time of arrival at a present destination, for instance, your office or home. Its battery life is excellent plus it is pocket-friendly as compared to the apple and Samsung smart watches.

The smart watches are to be picked matching the occasion and the best way to do that is; keep it simple and elegant on the formal events, and you can make it look flashy at the informal ones. So here you have the wide varieties in the smart watches, you can pick the one comforting your style, so you can either go for a fashion band or a fitness band or else you can pick the best in overall or a hybrid smart watch. Make a smart choice in your smart watch.