Even though many people could not attend the New Year’s Eve 2017 service led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in person, it is still possible to experience and appreciate what was said and done throughout the evening. A full length video of the service was recorded for those that want to experience it for the first time or to refer back to it throughout the year of 2018, which Pastor Chris referred to as “the Year of the Supernatural”, where, with faith, anything is possible.

This special service began with the excitement and joy of song, leading to a spectacularly received entrance by the Pastor. As 2017 was considered the “Year of Flourishing”, Pastor Chris addressed the many ways that those in the audience – as well as the Church itself – grew throughout 2017 The particular focus was that the Daily Devotional book, called “Rhapsody of Realities” was distributed to a larger total group of individuals in more than 900 different languages, spreading His word to those in need through devotion, persistence and love.

In addition to this milestone, Pastor Chris also spoke about the impact of Loveworld USA, a channel dedicated to sharing the word of God on different electronic mediums like TV, Internet and radio. While each was (and is) important in their own right, the overall message was the most important thing of all, and each of these different options made it possible to include, excite and educate more people, as well as to establish and maintain other charitable activities and organizations. The New Year’s Eve gathering was not only an opportunity to worship in a large group, but it was also a testament to the power of Pastor Chris and his delivery of and belief in God’s message.

Throughout the evening, there was a great deal of crowd participation and singing. Special guests included Martin PK and Sinach, each singing uplifting and gorgeous tributes to God. In addition to the singing, this gathering also presented an opportunity for the presentation of the Future African Leaders Awards to many young people within the crowd. These awards were presented to those that have worked hard to make changes and improvements to their communities – leading people in thee right direction by example, and with the help of God and religion. Though a prestigious award, many of the winners were understandably overcome with excitement as they were announced and awarded, falling to the ground as they were overcome with emotion.

As the event was televised, this was something to behold not only for those in attendance, but also those that watched from around the world. All good things must come to an end, and as the service wound down, Pastor Chris ensured that it would truly be a night to remember by thanking the Lord many times for what He helped to make possible throughout 2017, promising to continue serving Him in the future and asking for future help and guidance as well. The Pastor’s message was not only a plea for himself, but also for those in the congregation, for all that believe across the world. Pastor Chris asked for everyone to provide the names of their family members and loved ones so that throughout 2018, prayers could be sent out to them as well, increasing the size of the network and offering a larger group of people to continue carrying on the message of love, hope, worship and kindness.

The final message from Pastor Chris can be condensed in this manner: 2017 was a fantastic, prosperous year of flourishing, but with dedication and determination, 2018 can be even better and more successful for those willing to listen and participate, honoring the glory of God.