Incidence of male factor (30%) is rising and improvements in raising sperm count, motility, and changing morphology are notable with the use of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Acupuncture is a very gentle, comfortable, and relaxing treatment. Acupuncture connects the organs, and all of your systems (endocrine, reproductive, blood, nervous, lymph, etc.) with the brain so that it functions in balance.

The TCM concepts of how the organ systems work and interconnect differ, and hold broader functions, than perceived by Western medicine. The Kidney system, for example is responsible for reproduction and aging. It interconnects with the endocrine system. A balanced Kidney system is critical for male fertility. The Kidney system has pathways which traverse from the feet, passing through the genitals, through the center of the body, through the heart and chest, and continuing upward towards the brain and endocrine system. This pathway must flow puritans pride coupon abundantly with Qi (vitality, energy) and blood). Acupuncture allows these pathways to open so that Qi and Blood can flow. There is a Chinese saying that “when Qi and blood flow, there is no disease.” Acupuncture promotes the flow of Qi and blood to restore sperm count, motility and morphology.

Factors including stress, nutrition and diet, lifestyle, lack of rest, and environmental toxins are also considered more seriously than ever before. This also differs from western treatment which pays much less attention to nutrition or demands of lifestyle. A TCM practitioner recommends favorable diets and nutrition to enhance fertility and discusses how to cope with lifestyle stress. Bridging the gap between Western and Eastern care improves patient outcomes.

Sperm Analysis:

A normal sperm analysis – includes volume of at least one ml:

>    Count – more than 20 million per ml;

>    Motility – more than 50% moving purposefully; and

>    Form – less than 50% abnormal.

Where are the needles placed?

Tiny, thin hair-like needles are placed in specific points on the body.

Acupuncture points for male factor are placed in the area of the low back, often with low frequency stimulation. Areas around the stomach, legs, hands and ankles are also used. Acupuncture works systematically improving blood flow to all parts of the body so it is not necessary to treat the genital area.

Acupuncture & Herbal Research

Lab test improvements in sperm count, motility and morphology have been demonstrated through clinical research. One study is summarized below.

Acupuncture Study Improves Sperm Motility, Count & Morphology

>    32 Sub fertile men with sperm impairment.

>    16 Given 10 Acupuncture treatment, 16 no treatment.

Significant improvements occurred in the acupuncture group compared to control group:

— Increased number of motile sperm.

— Increased number of sperm with intact tails.

— Increased % of viable sperm.

TCM practitioners diagnose your pattern of disease and often formulate a specific and unique herbal mixture precisely for your patten. This uniqueness and specificity usually accelerates your results.

More Benefits of Acupuncture:

>    A gentle holistic approach to resolving your health problems.

>    Reduces stress.

>    Treats the root of disease – not just the symptoms.

>    Can improve and maximize health.

>    Often used for preventive treatments and early detection of the body’s imbalances.

>    Little or no side effects.

>    Promotes blood flow and circulation.

>    Increases energy, stamina, endurance.

>    Promotes a sense of well-being.

>   Can simultaneously treat other health issues like orthopedic pain, sports injuries, digestion problems, insomnia, sinuses or allergies, headaches, etc.

Improve your reproductive health. Bridging the gap between Western and Eastern health care improves your results.