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While choosing to buy a kurti for yourself, it is important to know your body type. When you buy a kurti that fits your body perfectly, your overall looks will get enhanced naturally. Therefore, before buying any kurti, you must know about which one will suit your body perfectly. If you are skeptical about how to do so, this guide will help you with the same. Have a read:

  • Round Body Shape: If your body follows the round traits like rounded shoulders, fullness around the middle, average to big bust size, fluffy butt, and strong legs, then you must consider the following kurti-buying tips:
  1. Go for kurtis that come in darker shades
  2. Try fitting into simple A-line kurtis that follow a straight fashion
  3. Stick to healthy fabrics like cotton or silk that do not linger on your body
  4. Select the kurtis that have some embroidery around the shoulders or the hem
  5. Cuffed or flared sleeves would also work fine
  • Rectangle Body Shape: If your body shape is characterized by features like straight shoulders, minimally-defined waistline, straight butt & hips, slightly curved busts, and an average tummy, then you can follow the tips like:
  1. For broad shoulders, try wearing kurtis that enhances your neckline. Go for buying kurtis with deep & broader neck area.
  2. Define the curves around your waistline by kurtis that are tight towards the top or opt for belt to enhance the waist
  3. Buy kurtis that given an illusion of a curvaceous silhouette
  4. Pair up the kurti with slimmer and narrower bottoms like churidars, leggings, and tight jeans
  5. Kurtis of heavier fabric or even an Anarkali will add volume to your overall body structure
  • Triangle Body Shape: For women with body characteristics like fuller hips & butt area with narrower shoulder, smaller upper body, curvaceous waistline, here are some tips for choosing the perfect kurti:
  1. Pair up a light-shaded kurti with darker lowers to enhance the look of your torso
  2. Kurtis that come with flare or Anarkalis will perfectly suit your body type
  3. Printed or textured kurtis with colorful displays will enhance the overall look
  4. Boat neck, collared neck, or square neck style will go perfect with this body structure
  5. You can add some length to your overall look wearing straight cut kurtis with some volume
  • Hourglass Body Shape: For those who are blessed with a well-defined waistline with proper hips & upper body shape, they can follow the tips as:
  1. This body type is perfect for adorning all types of kurtis that will look good
  2. Wear kurtis that enhance the natural curves of your body including the waistline and the back area
  3. Pair up your kurti with smart pallazos or straight bottoms to enhance the overall look
  4. Keep away from loose or ill-fitting kurtis to not undermine your perfectly-looking body

Your body shape has a lot to do with how a particular kurti will look over you. Therefore, you must go for buying the most suited piece of kurti as per your body shape & figure. Enhance your look by wearing kurtis that define your body type well and brings out the best in you!