It has been quite interesting to watch fashion evolve from necessities to accessories and sometimes vice-a-versa. Fashion is a concept and ideal that we are sure will always exist and will do so for many years to come. In fashion, from belts, scarves, jewelry, watches and more, many have seen the benefits of accessorizing by having the ability to increase the value of an, otherwise, “boring” outfit, to an outfit with style. Especially with watches, that used to be necessary in order to keep updated with time, to today as a complement to an already satisfactory ensemble. Since watches have become an integral feature of an ensemble, it is important to choose carefully, as versatility and longevity are important factors.

Whether for field, style, dive, aviation, military or racing, most will agree a watch purchase is an investment. When it comes to choosing your best fit watch, key points to keep in mind are watch movements or how the watch’s hand sweeps around the face and compilations that typically include the time, chronograph dates & moon phases. It is crucial to first know what is your reason for purchasing a watch, which will then help in knowing how to choose a watch fitting to your needs. For example, in a physically demanding, rough and dirty line of work, one might consider a quartz watch because their accuracy, tendency to be the most cost effective, and require the least maintenance, but short shelf life and quicker loss of value is a downside.

In this modern age, most people believe they don’t need to wear a watch because they have their mobile phones, but this is a misconception as watches can be used in various ways. Some great reasons to wear watches is because of their functionality, they assist in establishing deeper connections with time, show artistry and embody style. Especially with men, one of the most popular depictions of style are watches and watches with detailed craftsmanship depict a heightened sense of style. The ability to wear watches as accessories provides a freedom to utilize style as an expression of art. Since men are not as keen to accessories as women in their ensemble, read more about the different reasons men wear watches.

As time evolves, we find that many things with specific uses are not always utilized for what they were meant for. Especially in fashion, it seems many pieces that began as necessities, whether they are scarves for warmth, belts to help clothes fit or belts to stay updated with time. All these different bits of an attire have come to expand on their uses, further than what they were initially intended for. Watches have come to be known as accessories that can be used for the military, aviation, show craftsmanship, depict style, racing, diving and so much more. Watches have become so popular as a crucial piece of any outfit, not only for telling time; although, forming a stronger relationship with time doesn’t hurt either.