Exotic Southern African Wedding Destinations

Wedding tourism is a growing phenomenon as the ease, and relative affordability of international air travel makes it possible for more and more couples to combine their big day with an experience of a lifetime by holding their wedding in any number of exotic destinations. The only drawback, of course, is the risk of jet lag, particularly if you are going to be crossing several time zones just before the big day. As few people have the time – or the budget – to arrive at the wedding destination with sufficient time to acclimatize, check out Consumer Advisors for information on effective jet lag remedies that will ensure you (and your guests) enjoy the celebrations to the max.

For those who want a wedding destination that offers a range of exotic experiences, take a look at what Southern Africa has to offer.

Cape Town

Cape Town – right at the southern tip of the continent – is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its most iconic symbol is Table Mountain – so named because of its flat top from where the views of the ocean and the city are breathtakingly spectacular. On a clear day, you can also see all the way to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent most of his 27 years incarceration. As a wedding venue, Table Mountain stands second to none.

You and your guests will be transported to the top of the mountain via the famous cableway. There are six different venues to choose from. Our favorite is the Twelve Apostles Terrace which overlooks the spectacular mountain range of the same name. However, it is an open air venue (which can accommodate up to 200 people), so it might not be wise to choose to get married on Table Mountain in the winter (June/July/August) months, as the chances will be high that Table Mountain will be covered by its famous tablecloth (cloud).

Another popular outdoor venue in Cape Town is Kirstenbosch Gardens, acclaimed as one of the great botanic gardens of the world. However, few gardens can match the sheet grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch, against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain.  And Kirstenbosch Manor, a Cape Dutch style manor house built in 1914 with views of the gardens,  valley, ocean and surrounded by beautiful proteas and other indigenous fynbos vegetation,  is an ideal venue for your wedding reception.

However, there are literally dozens more incredibly beautiful venues for weddings in and around Cape Town – from those with incredible ocean views, to romantic vineyards – all set against towering mountain backdrops.

Bush Safari Wedding

But perhaps, if you’re going to travel all the way to Africa for your wedding, you’d want a location that is unique to Africa. Like on the banks of a water hole or river, perhaps at sunset, just as the elephant, buffalo and smaller game come down to drink.

There are literally hundreds of safari lodges that offer wedding packages. These range from …

Are Computer Reading Glasses for You?

Our world has been taken over by smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. Every day we come in contact with these devices for at least a few hours which often leaves our eyes feeling irritated and dry. This common problem is known as computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain.

Individuals who spend long periods of time in front of electronic devices may end up suffering from a variety of symptoms. Common complaints include general eye discomfort, fatigue, dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches. Neck pain and shoulder pain are typical issues. Eye drops and pain pills are a temporary solution, but they do not fix the problem.

The underlying culprit behind this issue is blue light and screen glare from monitors. Increased exposure to blue light can heighten the chances of eye degeneration. For this reason, blurry vision is one of the more common side effects of extensive exposure to electronics. Age also plays a role.

Computer eye strain commonly occurs as we age beginning in our mid-30s and becomes more prevalent in our 60s. The eyes lose their ability to pinpoint nearby objects as the lens becomes less elastic over time. Eventually, it becomes more challenging to focus on items such as phones, books, newspapers, and so forth at a close distance. So, if this is such a common problem, is there an easy solution?

The answer is yes as computer reading glasses can readily combat blurry vision and eye irritation. People who find themselves more comfortable reading material from a distance of twelve inches, or have difficulty understanding the text on monitors may benefit from these types of glasses. Such individuals are not farsighted, but they may benefit from the extra magnification and anti-glare coating the eyewear provides.

The lens is specially manufactured to reduce the eyestrain by absorbing blue light in screens while sheltering pupils from screen glare. The eye wear acts as a computer magnifying glass making text appear sharper, brighter, and easier to read.

These glasses are not for individuals who are farsighted. In fact, most people who use computer reading glasses have normal vision but need protection from eye fatigue. This type of eyewear does not create weakness in the retina and will not lead to dependency. It helps prevent common symptoms linked to digital eyestrain.

These types of readers do not require a visit to the eye doctor nor a script to purchase the glasses. They are non-prescription and vary in strength from +1.0 to +2.5. Readers also possess a special coating on the lens which helps reduce the glare from computer screens and other electronic devices.

Individuals who feel they may benefit from computer reading glasses should look for eyewear that sits comfortably on the nose without sliding down. An ideal frame should rest squarely between the eyebrows and cheeks and should not apply pressure to the face and ears. For individuals who suffer from headaches, blurry vision, and general eye discomfort after working on electronic devices, computer reading glasses may be …

Don’t Underestimate the Evolution of a Watch

It has been quite interesting to watch fashion evolve from necessities to accessories and sometimes vice-a-versa. Fashion is a concept and ideal that we are sure will always exist and will do so for many years to come. In fashion, from belts, scarves, jewelry, watches and more, many have seen the benefits of accessorizing by having the ability to increase the value of an, otherwise, “boring” outfit, to an outfit with style. Especially with watches, that used to be necessary in order to keep updated with time, to today as a complement to an already satisfactory ensemble. Since watches have become an integral feature of an ensemble, it is important to choose carefully, as versatility and longevity are important factors.

Whether for field, style, dive, aviation, military or racing, most will agree a watch purchase is an investment. When it comes to choosing your best fit watch, key points to keep in mind are watch movements or how the watch’s hand sweeps around the face and compilations that typically include the time, chronograph dates & moon phases. It is crucial to first know what is your reason for purchasing a watch, which will then help in knowing how to choose a watch fitting to your needs. For example, in a physically demanding, rough and dirty line of work, one might consider a quartz watch because their accuracy, tendency to be the most cost effective, and require the least maintenance, but short shelf life and quicker loss of value is a downside.

In this modern age, most people believe they don’t need to wear a watch because they have their mobile phones, but this is a misconception as watches can be used in various ways. Some great reasons to wear watches is because of their functionality, they assist in establishing deeper connections with time, show artistry and embody style. Especially with men, one of the most popular depictions of style are watches and watches with detailed craftsmanship depict a heightened sense of style. The ability to wear watches as accessories provides a freedom to utilize style as an expression of art. Since men are not as keen to accessories as women in their ensemble, read more about the different reasons men wear watches.

As time evolves, we find that many things with specific uses are not always utilized for what they were meant for. Especially in fashion, it seems many pieces that began as necessities, whether they are scarves for warmth, belts to help clothes fit or belts to stay updated with time. All these different bits of an attire have come to expand on their uses, further than what they were initially intended for. Watches have come to be known as accessories that can be used for the military, aviation, show craftsmanship, depict style, racing, diving and so much more. Watches have become so popular as a crucial piece of any outfit, not only for telling time; although, forming a stronger relationship with time doesn’t hurt either.…

Buying Cheap Sports or Event Tickets Is Easier Than Ever

Have you ever waited it online at a box office for day of tickets or hit refresh a billion times on your favorite musical artist’s website hoping to grab good tickets? More than likely we all have had this experience one or a hundred times. And if you are a devoted fan of a team, musical performer, musical/play or even an experience you know that it can be expensive and an overwhelming process to get good tickets.

We all want the opportunity to have fun in life. Getting the chance to see the latest big-time show that everyone has been talking about takes time to search for descent tickets and also the time of year that you want to see that show factors in. The sooner you want to see anything that is popular the higher the ticket price will cost you or the worst the seats you may end up with. You definitely have to learn to be flexible with your time of experiencing something if you want a good seat.

One of the hardest things when it comes to purchasing event tickets is, are you buying real tickets. Sadly, many people get scammed via craigslist and scalpers on the street in front of an event venue. The idea of getting a too good to be real deal doesn’t sink in with the purchaser and sadly far too many people get conned. If you want to purchase a legitimate ticket or find a ticket broker visit this site. No one wants to be end up not getting conned out of their money or chance to see the event they were excited to attend.

Something that is great for people purchasing event tickets these days is you have options. In the 90s and early 2000’s people would constantly have to call a venue, sit in front of their computer for hours and deal with overly priced ticket brokers. There are now tons of ticket websites and apps to help people to get the tickets that they are wanting and at a price closer to what they want to spend. Ticketmaster who has been the oldest and most known ticket provider even has an app, they also tell how to purchase tickets like the pro’s.

Look to your credit card benefits. American Express, Citicard and CapitalOne have been known to discounts or early purchase when it comes to ticket sales. American Express has definitely advertised popular concerts for their card holders allowing those customers to get tickets first, to get a VIP situation at the event or a special gift once they got to the venue. You never know what your credit card provider might be offering so definitely go on the website for the event prior to sales starting and see if your card is mentioned for a special offer.

Don’t freak out if the event or game you want to see is coming up and you don’t have tickets. Check out the pre-sales and see how much tickets …

Spike Flameless Lighter

Briquet rechargeable

Find new ways to get your cigarette out with our Electricity lighters that can recharge, without gas or gasoline. Disposable lighters waste your money and injure the environment, while the rechargeable lighter is messy and complicated. Enter a valid amount in your bid. Plazmatic lighters illuminate almost anything. The Plazmatic lighter feels and looks great, and is available in many exclusive designs to complement any style. You can visit Briquet electrique  to find relevant information.

Enter an amount lower than or equal to 1. You are the first bidder on this item. You are a high bidder, but the reserve price is not met. Even though you are the best bidder on this item, you are almost outclassed. You are the highest bidder on this item, but the backup value has not been met.

Your bid is greater than or equal to the Buy Now rating. Please enter the next amount of the current bid. By submitting your offer, you may be committed to purchasing this merchandise from the seller if you are a beneficial bidder. If you would like to trade the goods obtained, you must contact us within 3 days of receipt of your order.

By clicking Verify, you commit to purchase this merchandise from the seller to those who are the winners of the tender and have learned and agree to the phrases and state of the World Transport Program – open in a new window or tab. The previously quoted import charges are subject to change if you increase your most bid amount.

You have been defeated by an automatic offer previously placed by one other bidder. You may have questions about this VAT tax, please contact the vendor. International Transport – objects can also be subjected to customs processing by relying on the stated value of the item. Please enter a valid zip code.…

Things That Cease Your Heart

ArcLighter. Lastly, there isn’t any extra” cost related to an electrical lighter , because you by no means have to buy gasoline or flints. It’s a great opportunity to indicate your personal fashion with this distinctive flameless lighter watch. These steel lighters may be stuffed once more with liquid lighter fluid & utilized indefinitely.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a flameless lighter which is of sturdy and dependable development. This lighter goes out to a crafty individual who decided to professionally mod a BIC lighter to make it refillable with butane fluid.

This lighter is USB rechargeable, and as soon as you’ve got reached full cost, the ability can last weeks. Time and time again, we see the lighter featured as a strategy to let us know this guy is the hero, this is the guy that we needs to be rooting for.

The Sparq is likely one of the older plasma lighters, and still one of the best. Zippos are stated to have a lifetime of use, as a result of their fluid which powers the flame is completely refillable. Ever wanted a light-weight and your lighter had no gasoline?

The RUIMX Tactical Flashlight with Arc Lighter is equal elements flashlight and lighter. This dual arc lighter is the same dimension of the Untivo, lights with a click on of the gold oval on the front of the case, and includes the must be open to light” safety characteristic that we think ought to be utilized by each manufacturer.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Rings in the New Year with a Motivating, Moving Service

Even though many people could not attend the New Year’s Eve 2017 service led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in person, it is still possible to experience and appreciate what was said and done throughout the evening. A full length video of the service was recorded for those that want to experience it for the first time or to refer back to it throughout the year of 2018, which Pastor Chris referred to as “the Year of the Supernatural”, where, with faith, anything is possible.

This special service began with the excitement and joy of song, leading to a spectacularly received entrance by the Pastor. As 2017 was considered the “Year of Flourishing”, Pastor Chris addressed the many ways that those in the audience – as well as the Church itself – grew throughout 2017 The particular focus was that the Daily Devotional book, called “Rhapsody of Realities” was distributed to a larger total group of individuals in more than 900 different languages, spreading His word to those in need through devotion, persistence and love.

In addition to this milestone, Pastor Chris also spoke about the impact of Loveworld USA, a channel dedicated to sharing the word of God on different electronic mediums like TV, Internet and radio. While each was (and is) important in their own right, the overall message was the most important thing of all, and each of these different options made it possible to include, excite and educate more people, as well as to establish and maintain other charitable activities and organizations. The New Year’s Eve gathering was not only an opportunity to worship in a large group, but it was also a testament to the power of Pastor Chris and his delivery of and belief in God’s message.

Throughout the evening, there was a great deal of crowd participation and singing. Special guests included Martin PK and Sinach, each singing uplifting and gorgeous tributes to God. In addition to the singing, this gathering also presented an opportunity for the presentation of the Future African Leaders Awards to many young people within the crowd. These awards were presented to those that have worked hard to make changes and improvements to their communities – leading people in thee right direction by example, and with the help of God and religion. Though a prestigious award, many of the winners were understandably overcome with excitement as they were announced and awarded, falling to the ground as they were overcome with emotion.

As the event was televised, this was something to behold not only for those in attendance, but also those that watched from around the world. All good things must come to an end, and as the service wound down, Pastor Chris ensured that it would truly be a night to remember by thanking the Lord many times for what He helped to make possible throughout 2017, promising to continue serving Him in the future and asking for future help and guidance as well. The Pastor’s message was …

Show love to your wife with flowers online: send anniversary flower online

The wedding anniversary is such an occasion which reminds about the lovely moment when both of you tied knot together. This reminds the day when both of you promised to stay with one another for life long. You must make your wife feel special once again. The best way to do it is with the help of wedding anniversary flowers.  There are variety of such beautiful flowers which will make the lady happy. You can easily send it to her through home delivery service. How if she gets surprise after viewing this trendy flower early in the morning? You can now easily reach to the online florist stores to give your lady a grand surprise.

Trendy anniversary flowers

Gone are the days when people have very few common flowers in hand for gifting purpose. There is now wide collection of wedding anniversary flowers. Not only female, even male will be happier to receive such flowers. The lilies, gerbera, orchids, carnation, rose etc are now available online. You wife will be very happy to get the lovely basket of flowers that comes with the present trend. There is no need of receiving only the red roses. The online flower delivery stores will provide you with the huge collection.

Flowers from all season

There was a time when you can only get the flowers that grows in a season. But, today, due to internet, different places of the nation are getting connected. Thus, you can get the flowers which are not grown in the present season. The online flower shopping sites have broken the geographical boundary. Send anniversary flowers today without any hesitation. There is no need of depending upon the local florist. They might have very less stock and can also charge you high. But the online florist stores will give you good variety in affordable rate.

Price of online flowers

When you are buying a product from the market, it is very important to have a look at the price. Everyone has a budget beyond which they cannot go. Even for the flower, must have a budget. Normally when you go to shop, while buying your budget fails. But, if you order flowers from the online florist you will not only be within your budget, rather you can save an extra buck from your monthly expenditure. Thus, it is always better to get the online delivery.

Flowers of all colours

Some of you may have fascination for a colour. Means, your wife may have preference for a colour. In such a case, your better half will be happy to receive the flower which she prefers always. You just need to let the florist know about the preference of your lady. They will be very happy to provide the best deal. The Flowers are now available in different packets. Do you need just a bouquet? Do you have the fascination for baskets? You will get the exact item which you wife was looking at. Try and get the best collection of …

Sensational Short Hairstyles

The bob, the pixie, the faux hawk and other short styles are taking center stage with fresh bold trends and rich color to make you shine. These fabulous short hairstyles come to life with undercuts and straight razor cuts, sweeps and fringes. Add a unique color combination for an exciting new hairstyle to take you from morning to night with pizzazz.


13 Short Hairstyles That Dazzle



  1. Captivating Pixie

The undercut pixie works great with straight or wavy textured hair and is a glamorous way to update your look. Add a strawberry blonde color to the cut to make it amazing.

  1. Luxurious Balance

For something more versatile, the triangle treat works great with all face shapes and hair textures. The undercut along with tapered back and sides add some drama to the look. And the top length can be styled for any occasion.

  1. Voluminous Movement

The elegantly textured box bob looks amazing for all hair types.This hairstyle already gives your hair added movement, and a straight razor cut adds to that along with giving you some extra texture.


  1. Sporty Class

Try a peachy pixie for an eye-catching short style. With tight sides and back and minimal styling effort, this cut gives you a finished look for any outing without spending hours getting ready.

  1. Bewitching Bob

On the more adventurous side, the villainous inverted bob gets you second looks wherever you go. Sensational, long pieces in the front with fringed bangs give you that striking look.

  1. Dynamic Softness

The modern mohawk is sassy with class. This captivating style has shorter tapered sides and a longer front to back middle section gives you plenty of styling options.

  1. Festive Chic

For a sleek, sassy cut, check out the totally tiny bob. This shortened bob combines smooth volume for an update on that classic style with a playful flair.

  1. Daring Elegance

For something more dramatic, the radically asymmetrical hairstyle gives you contrast and versatility in one. Cut very short on one side and long on the other, this distinct look lets you dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

  1. Playful Taper

What is more classy than the foxy fade. The style is cut close to the head but tapers to leave a bit of shadow in the fade. Leave a little length on top for some depth and movement.

  1. Unforgettable Spunk

Take it up a notch on the get noticed scale with the dimensional designs cut. With a bald skin fade and a dramatic design of your choice, people will certainly remember your ‘do.

  1. Refined Elegance

Ready to grow out that grey hair? The short and silver style lets you make the transition in style with a soft, short style.

  1. Trendy Elegance

The soft and bold come together in the faux – hawk fairy style. With short, loose length on top and tightly trimmed sides, this dramatic look goes wherever you go.

  1. Luscious Volume

The classic pixie gets an upgrade in the wonderfully wavy style. With a little longer length …

Natural Makeup Looks for You and Your Skin

The first and foremost step for a natural make up is perfecting your skin. Your face should always be moisturized to even out your skin tone. Light make up in your face should be used to attain a natural look. Over accessorizing and overdo of makeup was in fashion in the past. It’s no longer in trend because every woman looks pretty and elegant in their own natural way. But it wouldn’t hurt to apply a little bit of make up to highlight your stunning features. Here are some examples for a natural makeup look

  1. Basic look


For this basic subtle look first you need moisturize your skin. Adding a little power of foundation will give you a glowing skin. Eyes and lips are the main highlights. Use an eye foundation that matches your skin tone. Slightly brush it and use a black eye liner to alter the shape of your eye to make it look amazing.

  1. In-depth natural makeup looks


If you are looking for a realistic appearance, keep   the foundation light and two coats of liquid dark pink lip color and apply it neatly. Use mascara and a concealer to highlight the eyes. Choose a bright colored dress and minimum accessories with this style of makeup.

  1. Natural makeup for warm skin tone


For this look you want a powder shadow with a little bit of sparkles that you can blend all over your eyelids, around the lower lashes and inner corners of the eyelids. For this natural look, use a subtle color pink lipstick and you are all set to go. Make sure you use simple necklace, earrings and bangles.

  1. Dark eyes and lips


If you are looking for a dramatic yet no so intense look, go for this makeup. To keep the appearance subtle, line your eyes with black pencil and use a smudging brush to blend the pigment into a soft, light black smoke around the bottom and top lashes. Curl your eye lashes and apply black mascara.

  1. Flirty natural makeup


For a sexy and a flirtatious look, apply makeup just like shown in the picture. For a beautiful sun kissed complexion and golden tone in your skin, this makeup is apt. Use a light brown eye pencil and a dash of golden shimmer and blend it up to the brow bones. Apply the same on your cheek bones as well.

There are various advantages of you prefer a natural makeup look. Firstly, it is less expensive; it is good for your skin because excessive make up ruins the texture of your soft skin and makes it harsh. Your skin needs air, it you apply a heavy makeup every day; it will affect you in a way that you will regret it in the future. So take certain precautions before you use makeup of any brand.…