Have you ever waited it online at a box office for day of tickets or hit refresh a billion times on your favorite musical artist’s website hoping to grab good tickets? More than likely we all have had this experience one or a hundred times. And if you are a devoted fan of a team, musical performer, musical/play or even an experience you know that it can be expensive and an overwhelming process to get good tickets.

We all want the opportunity to have fun in life. Getting the chance to see the latest big-time show that everyone has been talking about takes time to search for descent tickets and also the time of year that you want to see that show factors in. The sooner you want to see anything that is popular the higher the ticket price will cost you or the worst the seats you may end up with. You definitely have to learn to be flexible with your time of experiencing something if you want a good seat.

One of the hardest things when it comes to purchasing event tickets is, are you buying real tickets. Sadly, many people get scammed via craigslist and scalpers on the street in front of an event venue. The idea of getting a too good to be real deal doesn’t sink in with the purchaser and sadly far too many people get conned. If you want to purchase a legitimate ticket or find a ticket broker visit this site. No one wants to be end up not getting conned out of their money or chance to see the event they were excited to attend.

Something that is great for people purchasing event tickets these days is you have options. In the 90s and early 2000’s people would constantly have to call a venue, sit in front of their computer for hours and deal with overly priced ticket brokers. There are now tons of ticket websites and apps to help people to get the tickets that they are wanting and at a price closer to what they want to spend. Ticketmaster who has been the oldest and most known ticket provider even has an app, they also tell how to purchase tickets like the pro’s.

Look to your credit card benefits. American Express, Citicard and CapitalOne have been known to discounts or early purchase when it comes to ticket sales. American Express has definitely advertised popular concerts for their card holders allowing those customers to get tickets first, to get a VIP situation at the event or a special gift once they got to the venue. You never know what your credit card provider might be offering so definitely go on the website for the event prior to sales starting and see if your card is mentioned for a special offer.

Don’t freak out if the event or game you want to see is coming up and you don’t have tickets. Check out the pre-sales and see how much tickets are going for and what you are willing to spend. Find out if your credit card company is offering a discount or benefit to buying your tickets with their card. Be aware of scammers and don’t jump at a too good to be offer. If you don’t get a chance to go to this event there will always be another one in the future or if possible, try a different state that the event is being offered to see it in.