The footwear industry is the new and upcoming industries of the modern world where comfort abounds in abundance. The development of the industry has been tremendous all across the world and the surge of this development has had its effect in India too. We are no more limited just to traditional footwear but have gladly accepted the trendy slippers and crocs. While shoes, of course help you with the gentleman look for the official purposes, these trendy rubber slippers and crocs, help you keep the cool look. In fact, the slippers and crocs are not just limited to indoor use but people also wear it to beaches, parks and walks. The demands of these slippers has increased drastically in the market in the last few years and the production is trying to keep up.

There are many reasons for these slippers being in fashion these days. Among flexibility and comfort, there are various other factors that increase the awesomeness of these slippers and keep them in trend. I will discuss the best five reasons so that you can make a well informed choice about buying slippers and then if you do decide to buy slippers, you can always go to or bewakoof .com to buy them online.

1) Slippers make you more productive– This is true. The comfort and the flexibility that comes with the slippers adds on to make you more productive. Even while you are working indoors in your study, the relaxation and comfort level it provides is never counter- productive. Also, slippers don’t need socks so you can always wear them up real- quick without any hustle.

2) Slippers reduce the risk of fungal infections- Here’s another fun fact. Slippers prevent you from communicable disease like athletes’ foot and ringworm. They act as comfy protective agents against these diseases which breed in the closed shoe structure mainly and so keep your heels pampered.

3) Slippers are fashionable- There is no doubt that slippers go trendy with jeans and t-shirts. They are well suited with lowers and shorts too. These days, slippers come up in various prints and colour and hence, they go down well with even your most fashionable outfit.

4) Slippers keep your house clean- Since slippers are mostly used for indoor purposes, the sole of these slippers is cleaner as opposed to that of the shoes. The soles of the shoes are dirty in every possible way and to keep these germs out of your house, just remove your shoes before entering the house and wear slippers instead.

5) Slippers are occasionally used in bathrooms– Slippers have some grip too. Hence, you can easily wear them when going for a shower. The synthetic rubber quality makes them water resistant and hence, appropriate for such use unlike shoes.

These were my five cents on the slippers. To go through the latest collection of slippers and other footwear you can visit Flipkart,, Amazon etc.